Cross platform, multi-language P2P client

SoMud is a free cross-platform multi-language P2P client that's not exactly slick, but does return an impressive amount of results. View full description


  • Feature packed P2P client
  • Impressive search results
  • Fast download speeds


  • Downloads can take a while to start
  • Ugly interface compared to uTorrent

Very good

SoMud is a free cross-platform multi-language P2P client that's not exactly slick, but does return an impressive amount of results.

SoMud allows you to search, download and even play web videos within its interface thanks to its own embedded media player. You can preview media files while they are being downloaded which is handy for avoiding fake or spam files. The download speeds are also impressive although it's obviously dependent on your connection and the number of peers connected.

SoMud is also unusual in that it also allows users to record their desktop or screen activity and share it with other peers. This includes audio and webcam images. In addition, there's a P2P wizard that allows you to create your own torrents and there's also parental control to filter specified keywords and lock specified content.

SoMud doesn't have the simple, slick interface that uTorrent has for example. It's also rather annoying that when you install it, it automatically opens the developer homepage in your browser. Finally, downloads are generally reliable but can take some time to start.

SoMud is a very interesting P2P client with some unusual features and may appeal to those who want a bit more control over their P2P downloading than most other clients allow.

User reviews about SoMud

  • passie

    by passie

    "much more than downloading"

    It can download many things from Internet, such as video, audio, images and more. The most impressive is that it can do ... More.

    reviewed on August 27, 2012

  • tinasloria

    by tinasloria

    "reliable downloading"

    It can download many things, which is super, including video, audio, imgages, pictures. It also have some ither facility... More.

    reviewed on August 23, 2012

  • tinasloria

    by tinasloria

    "very good software"

    Record good quality video and audio. It has timer that can record the video by time shedule. It also has different audio... More.

    reviewed on August 23, 2012

  • Jefferygg

    by Jefferygg


    very strong software. Can do many things, downloading video, books, music, games, images and even more. Have a recording... More.

    reviewed on August 22, 2012

  • brillianttummy

    by brillianttummy

    "I would like to recommend it"

    This software has very easy use and helpful facilities, it does provide reliable download source and the download speed ... More.

    reviewed on July 7, 2012

  • Jefferygg

    by Jefferygg

    "Love it"

    super one!!!! very reliable and easy use. useful facilities and can search many things, book, vedio, p2p. . More.

    reviewed on June 29, 2012